ONE NIGHT ONLY! Seattle Art Museum Remix for the Elles Exhibition. Friday November 9th, 2012!

The Office in Occidental Square Park is closed. We had seven fabulous dates during the Summer of 2011 and issued over 250 licenses.

On Tuesday August 30th, 2011, we opened at The Project Room by invitation of Mandy Greer during her residency. We issued about 25 licenses for free from 5:00-7:30 Thanks to Mandy Greer, plus, it was super fun to see people crochet while they waited at the ‘office’!

On 1st Thursday in October of 2011 we had the delightful opportunity to join Daniel Carillo in his storefront space in Pioneer Square. It was a slow and special night, we issued about 15 licenses and had a truly wonderful time chatting to folks without the hustle and bustle of downtown.

For more info on the Pioneer Square Installation please go to the Site Specific Website


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  1. Alice Dubiel says:

    Tweet from!/odaraia
    erin, I like your project, but I don’t do facebook. Art folks: Get yours at Occidental Square on Thursday, 8.11, 11-2

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