and we are back…

D.K. Pan has never ceased to amaze and captivate. Seeing his Butoh is breathtakingly sublime, wandering from room to room at the Motel Project in 2007 blew me out, luckily I got there early enough to wander a bit. Plus there’s Free Sheep, his work with Degenerate Art Ensemble, and most recently you might have seen him dealing cards clad in silver face paint at NEPO House after the 5K Don’t Run this past Saturday. The above mentioned are truly just the tip of the non-chilly iceberg of Pan. In addition he’s just been named a Stranger Genius for 2011 with an awards ceremony this coming Friday. We were honored to have him visit us at the DOAL during our stint in Pioneer Square, thanks for stopping by D.K., your are too SWEET!


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