Meeting Saskia Delores seemed like an entrance into new worlds of creativity. She found me through my doll Little Roy about three or four years ago. Arriving at a gallery with her keyboard, we snuck off to the bathroom (as the rest of the space was too loud), she had written a song for my doll and it was my first experience with the angelic-whisper-love that pours forth from Ms. Delores. This past weekend at the Smoke Farm Lo-Fi fest it happened again. But this time I was wondering down a path and along comes this paper queen with regal stature and delicate steps singing as though her vocal chords were attached to some heavenly ¬†suspension bridge. This time she made up a song then and there just for me, and I all I could do was cry. Saskia works hard on creating connections with her music and art, please check out her projects on Shut Up Dream Crusher, she’s got a message and it’s coming in soft, clear and radiant.



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