Imagine a young woman who travels the world, makes incredible drawings, cooks amazing meals, tells impossible stories, collects mundane artifacts that are surprisingly relevant and metaphorically meaningful, organizes curious events and wears the cutest bear hat and glasses! I speak of the spectacular Tessa Hulls. I first met her at Mandy Greer’s Project Room piece during one of the last incarnations of the Department of Artistic Licensing. Now she’ll be assisting me alongside Jennifer Zwick for the upcoming event at the SAM Remix. Wow, I am fortunate to know such remarkably creative women.



If you haven’t heard of Daniel Carillo yet, you will very soon. He’s the guy behind the beautiful glass plate portraiture of Seattle Artists. He’s also done some out-of-town art celebrities too. Check out his work at Greg Kucera this month through Nov. 12! Daniel is not only one talented and hard working artists in this city, he’s also one of the friendliest folks around town. I had the opportunity to open the DOAL for an encore a couple weeks ago during 1st Thursday in Oct.  It was really a sweet time amongst friends and a few strangers who were pleasantly surprised by the “Office.” Thanks Daniel!



I count myself fortunate to have met Tony Sonnenberg during the encore presentation of the DOAL at Mandy Greer‘s Project Room Residency in late August. I believe this unique man will be sharing many a surprise while he finishes his MFA at the UW. If you can, catch The Summer Works Show, put on by the UW for returning art grad and Phd students at the CMA Galleries this coming Weds. And perhaps you caught his glittery and furry, bizarre and most charming performance as Captain Dirty Bear at the NEPO 5K Don’t Run. Spreading razzamatazz about town, in extravagant Dirty Bear Style…he took my breadth away. I am still finding shiny bits, reminding me of the spectacle spectacular of his performance.



Eyeballs and Tigers and Squares, Oh My! Before I met her, I saw Margot Bird’s paintings at my eye doctor’s office. I didn’t make too much of it, but was excited to see art on the walls, and her eyeballs were quite compelling. What a treat to meet Ms. Bird at the DOAL! She didn’t have time to wait for the bureaucracy and/or slowness of the office, so I intended to send hers in the mail. Fortunately, I didn’t ever mail it and could hand deliver to her studio in the TK Building for September’s 1st Thursday event. A billion squares of wood and color greeted me, along with dynamic combinations of shapes, animals and nails. Yay Ms. Bird, hope to see you soon!



and we are back…

D.K. Pan has never ceased to amaze and captivate. Seeing his Butoh is breathtakingly sublime, wandering from room to room at the Motel Project in 2007 blew me out, luckily I got there early enough to wander a bit. Plus there’s Free Sheep, his work with Degenerate Art Ensemble, and most recently you might have seen him dealing cards clad in silver face paint at NEPO House after the 5K Don’t Run this past Saturday. The above mentioned are truly just the tip of the non-chilly iceberg of Pan. In addition he’s just been named a Stranger Genius for 2011 with an awards ceremony this coming Friday. We were honored to have him visit us at the DOAL during our stint in Pioneer Square, thanks for stopping by D.K., your are too SWEET!


Chris Rollins is a mild mannered art supply specialist who by day can sell you the perfect brush and then behind phone booth doors becomes an art superhero. I first saw Chris’s work in his Hiawatha Loft opening a few years ago giving just a glimpse of his printing magic, while he’s also quite adept with the blade. Meaning; he created paper cut-outs of Rainier Ave. signage that blew my mind. I don’t know when he’ll be showing the cut-outs, but be sure and check out his stencil and block print posters this Thursday Sept. 1st at Angle Gallery in the TK Building in Seattle, the show is titled “L’Affiche” and runs through the month.



This is Stevie! The first canine to be issued his artistic license in series of several who were issued one over the course of our time in Pioneer Square. I am super pleased to be graced with his presence by the industrious extraordinary Shannon Perry, discount whose license will be featured in the future. Thanks so much for participating in this project!



I met Jan Tervonen on the first day at The Department of Artistic Licensing. She’s a local Seattle artist who came to her love of painting later in life. Thanks so much for visiting the DOAL Office Jan!



Meeting Saskia Delores seemed like an entrance into new worlds of creativity. She found me through my doll Little Roy about three or four years ago. Arriving at a gallery with her keyboard, we snuck off to the bathroom (as the rest of the space was too loud), she had written a song for my doll and it was my first experience with the angelic-whisper-love that pours forth from Ms. Delores. This past weekend at the Smoke Farm Lo-Fi fest it happened again. But this time I was wondering down a path and along comes this paper queen with regal stature and delicate steps singing as though her vocal chords were attached to some heavenly  suspension bridge. This time she made up a song then and there just for me, and I all I could do was cry. Saskia works hard on creating connections with her music and art, please check out her projects on Shut Up Dream Crusher, she’s got a message and it’s coming in soft, clear and radiant.



JenniferZwickIt’s hard to put words on this little lady. They seem too tiny for her unmitigated brilliance. Not only is Jennifer Zwick an amazing artist, she’s a mom, wife, web person, lovely assistant at the DOAL, and when she sings to Sir Owen (her son) it could melt your heart and make you cry. She can also woo Russian Sailors into getting their universal artistic licenses at the drop of a Ushanka. Thanks for EVERYTHING Jenny!


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